You can use the mailbox feature to accept incoming files from every scoopa user.

Read the next article to better understand the concept.

Understanding the mailbox concept

Every user in scoopa has his own mailbox in form of a "mailbox" folder in the root folder view.

If the user has the permission to use the mailbox he can upload files to his mailbox, even if he is just a normal user with no upload-rights whatsoever.

All files from all user-mailboxes are sent to the admin-mailbox, also to be found in the root folder view named "mailboxes". This "mailboxes" folder is shared between all admins.

Upload dialogue in the user-mailbox.
Upload dialogue in the user-mailbox
Listing of the admin mailbox.
Listing of the admin mailbox

Files in the admin-mailbox can be viewed and edited before they can be deleted or moved to its final destination.


Please be aware that moving files from the mailbox to the target-folder will trigger notifications. This enables workflows that require a review loop before distribution. Learn more about the usecases in the next article.



As mentioned in the previous article, a popolar usecase is if your workflow requires feedback or review loops. In this workflow a contributor is uploading assets to his mailbox, the admins automatically get a notification. After review by the admins the asset can, after approval, moved to the final target-folder. After that the content-receivers are notified as usual.


Another usecase is the upload from remote production crews into the platform for usage in your own production house or even in another remote office. This is especially usefull for frequently changing crews.

For more regular workflows it is better to create a fitting folder structure.