Frequently asked questions

Codecs & Preview

Which files are compatible with scoopa?

All type of files, whereby the system is intended especially for video files. Amongst all known video codecs (even 4K or 8K) you can upload pictures in any format, word, excel, pdf..


scoopa does not touch the original file you upload in any way. Data integrity is one of the core features of scoopa.

For which files does scoopa create a preview?

scoopa supports almost any video-codec currently on the market.

Audio-Files are also supported. Most notably: wav, mp3, ac3, m4a, ogg.

The following Image-formats are supported: jpeg/jpg, png, bmp, tga, tiff, heic, webp
IPTC Meta-Data extraction is also supported.

I you discover that a file is missing its preview, please get in touch with us ( If you are not sure if your usecase is supported, feel free to open up a trial account free if charge and try it for yourself.

Can i choose a custom preview/low-res format?

Yes, of course. But this is a custom feature. Please get in contact with us for further information: