Account settings

Account settings are only visible to users with the owner role as they contain relevant accounting information such as statistics and invoices.

Owner dashboard

The owner-dashboard represents a summary over your current costs as well als activity accross all your platforms. The latter is more relevant if you have multiple platforms in an enterprise plan.


You can see all your invoices, current and past in this section. You can also change invoice contact and invoice e-mail settings.


You can see all your invoices in "Accounting" -> "Invoices". You can also download existing invoices from here and you can also see which invoices have been paid.


scoopa sends out the invoices to the contact person registered in "Accounting" -> "Accounting"


If you have an enterprise plan you can see all your platforms in "Accounting" -> "Platforms".

You can also create new platforms here and deactivate existing platforms.

Subscription information

Information about your current subscription is available here.


Statistics in "Accounting" -> "Statistics" presents relevant information to the owner and is especially useful for enterprise customers as you can see your usages per platform.