As a default setting, a new scoopa platform is not branded in any way besides the domain name, platform name and contact data. It is however possible to brand your platform to your liking.

Two options are available: Creating a theme for your platform, and branding a folder inside your platform. Both can be used standalone or together.

How to proceed

if you want a branded platform or branded folders - you need to get in touch with us.

Platform branding

A custom branding for your platform essentially means that we will design the login-page of your platform to your liking (as long as technically neccessary elements are still present). The design inside your platform need to follow the normal scoopa structure but you can customize logos, colors and shapes.

Customizing a branding for your platform is categorized in 3 pricing tiers:

  • Brand New Theme : 500€ (moderately complex)

  • Incremental Update:  250€ (change an existing theme)

  • Minor Update: 150€ (change a logo for example)

To better illustrate the possibilities we have put together a collection of themes we have done in the past:

Folder branding

Folder branding gives you the opportunity to brand any folder with a custom header-image. Pretty much the same as the platform header-image - but for every folder.

Folder view without folder-image.
Folder view without folder-image
Folder view with folder-image.
Folder view with folder-image

You can upload a folder-header-image by editing a folder and looking for the form input in the "General Settings".

The form to upload a folder header-image.
The form to upload a folder header-image


Please note that this is a custom feature and only available upon request.