Frequently asked questions


Can i download multiple files at once?

Yes you can! - Just hit the checkboxes right next to the relevant files/folders (or the checkbox inside the top bar) and select "download" from the top bar. We inplemented a new Multi-Download-Feature which streams your requested files to a uncompressed ZIP-archive. Please be aware that this feature is currently considered "beta".

Folder listing with selected files and highlighted download-button.
Folder listing with selected files and highlighted download-button

Known Issues:
The resulting zips cannot be opened with the native OSX-Extractor. Mac user should use an alternative unzipper like "The Unarchiver" -> Show in the App-Store

Can a user download only parts of a video?

Currently this feature is not yet available. However, it is on our roadmap and we hope to offer this feature to our customers soon.

Can I automatically forward content from scoopa to FTP servers?

Is it possible to push new files to FTP-Servers automatically?

With scoopa 4.0 we introduced a new section which is called „automations“ where you can create FTP workflows to automatically push new files to FTP-Servers. Please be aware that this feature, although thoroughly tested is considered a "public beta“ and make sure your FTP-Server can handle the load and provide the necessary speed and connection-limits. Our solution is pretty resilient but can of course only perform as well as the other side allows. The new automation-section provides a convenient place to manage all your workflows and also gives you access to the transfer-logs.

We had our bad experiences with FTP-servers in the past. What if a lot of users want to download very large files at the same time?

scoopa is not a FTP nor is it a single (unsafe) server in a serverroom in the basement of our company.

scoopa is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and thus uses the most powerful cloud-infrastructure in the world. As a result of this scoopa have enough internet-bandwith to answer every request still in highspeed. Also the servers inside the datacenters will not be the bottleneck for highspeed transfers. They scale in performance with the demand of up- and downloads.