Core concepts

How scoopa works

scoopa is a file transfer solution especially for videos in broadcast quality.

scoopa is a fast, secure and easy way to make your large video files available to your business partners around the globe. In difference to FTP, you can easily manage the access per file. Your content is always available for highspeed up- and downloads. The content is stored safely and you always have control about your content with reports on the actions of your users.

Why should you use scoopa?

Because scoopa saves money and a lot of time! Next to the fact that scoopa can save 90% of the transfer time (which can mean hours for let’s say a 60 minutes highlight show of a sports event, which needs to be sent from Europe to Asia). It saves time of your content managers, producers, editors and of course of your clients...

You can have your own event- or company URL for your platform and a custom branding. And it is good to know that your legacy is stored in three live backups at the same time.

Understanding the philosophy

scoopa was invented to save time and money in stressful times during events and provide you with detailed reports afterwards.

scoopa works best if you understand and adapt to its philosophy.

First, you should try to structure your content not by recipient, but rather by the type of content for a whole recipient group. The goal is to have an asset in only one folder.

It is then, in the second step, easy to grant all recipients of said content access to this folder. Either directly by editing the user, or by editing a usergroup.

This will save on storage, time and bandwith by preventing assets to be uploaded multiple times. It also makes organizing access and rights a lot easier and cleaner.

Once the asset is no longer needed for near-live distribution, the archival of the asset can happen in place, either on-click or fully automated after a selectable time period. No need to reorganize or move something out of its place. Folder structures and access rights can remain exactly the same as when the asset first moved to scoopa. Even the web preview is still accessible. And if you need to download the asset from archive, restoring is just a click away and instantaneous.


scoopa offers 3 subscriptions plans, ranging from just 69€/month for small events or projects up to 1,000€/month for heavy users and long-running projects. For more information make sure to check our pricing page as well as the documentation about our pricing tiers.

How are files counted against my included storage

For every storage tier (live, archive) scoopa calculates the monthly storage peak once per hour.

All files that are live, including files in the trash and files restored from archive, are counted towards the live tier.

Each file that is uploaded to scoopa is automatically in the "live" storage tier for at least 7 days. (exception: direct-to-archive).

After 7 days the file can be transitioned into the archive tier or can be moved to trash. Files in the trash will remain there for 7 days. The trash cannot be emptied by hand. Contents in the trash will not be billed again in the next month.


If you upload 100GB on the first day of the month in the professional subscription, you can archive all of it automatically after 7 days and again upload 100GB (and so on, and so on...) without going over your 100GB of included storage. However if you upload 150GB you will be billed 50GB overusage for this month, regardless of how long you were over the limit.

Pro-Tip: You can make sure to stay in your included storage. Read more about that in the Cost-Control article

Understanding the different pricing tiers

There are 3 different storage pricing tiers in scoopa.

Live, Archive and Direct-to-Archive

Files in the live tier can be previewed and downloaded in both high- and low-res at maximum speeds. Therefore it is the most expensive tier in scoopa at currently 0.50€ - 1.25€/GB depending on your subscription plan.

Files in the archive tier are drastically cheaper at 0.012€/GB in all subscription plans and therefore suitable for long-term storage. Files in archive can only be previewed and not downloaded.

Normally it is ok for files to be in the Live tier before beeing able to transiting into the archive tier, because it reflects the normal lifecycle of any asset in live production. That beeing said, we understand, that there is often a desire to ingest existing archives into scoopa. For that purpose we offer a third tier: Direct-to-Archive. At 0.20€/GB for all subscription plans, we are offering an attractive path directly to our archive storage.

Traffic pricing:

Incoming traffic into scoopa (i.e. uploads) are always free of charge. Downloading assets from scoopa counts against your included traffic volume (from 1,200GB up to 48,000GB/year). As you go up in subscription plans, traffic gets noticable cheaper due to scaling effects. For heavy users, a more expensive subscription can be the better choice.