Getting started

Share broadcast video files easily.
Start by signing up for a free scoopa trial here.

Intended usage

scoopa is a service intended for b2b use and for commercial customers only. The trial is free of charge.

Quick start

The signup-process takes about 5 minutes to complete.
Things you need for the onboarding:

  • Your desired platform name (

  • Information for a contact-person for your platform

  • No credit-card is needed to start your trial

Register new platform

Visit and enter your e-mail, country and (if inside EU) your VAT-ID.
The e-mail will be associated with the owner-account of the new platform.

Please note that we only accept signups from business e-mail addresses.

scoopa signup - step 1.
scoopa signup - step 1

In order to confirm your identity we sent you a confirmation code to your provided e-mail address. Check your inbox (and spam folder) and enter your 6-digit code. Hint: you can also copy & paste your code.

scoopa signup - step 2.
scoopa signup - step 2

In the next step you need to choose a subdomain for your new platform.

scoopa signup - step 3.
scoopa signup - step 3

In order to complete your signup you must provide your company name and your first and last name.

Nearly there. Before completing your signup by choosing a password, you can already start using your new platform.

In the last step you need to check your inbox again and follow the link in the welcome e-mail in order to set your password.

All Set! Continue to the next step to complete your setup of your new platform.

Required platform settings

We strongly advice to complete your scoopa-setup by providing some neccassery information such as:

  • Platform name

  • Contact name & e-mail

  • Link to your imprint

In order to provide your users with means to contact you in case of content-related questions you should provide appropriate contact name & e-mail data. This contact will be shown in e-mail footers and also inside the platform.

scoopa setup - onboarding status.
scoopa setup - onboarding status

You can also customize your platform further by configuring platform texts and e-mails.

Basic usage

Scoopa has been designed to be easy to use and understand. Getting started can be divided in three parts: you need to create a folder-structure for your files, add at least one user and, of course, upload your first file.

Let's begin!

Create your first folder

To create your first folder, go to "Files" and click "Add Folder". Choose a suitable name (there are no restrictions concerning the name). You can choose if your new folder should send out notifications to your users when new files are available.

New user dialog.
New user dialog


To design a better folder structure you should read our article on the scoopa philosphy.

Invite your first user

To create your first user go to "Users" and select "Add User".

You must at least provide a last name and the e-mail address. Permissions and the user role can be adjusted as needed. You can read more about permissions and roles here.

Add user dialog.
Add user dialog

After you created your first user, you will be redirected to the user list. Next, you have to manage the folder rights of your new user. To do that, edit your new user by clicking the edit icon or the e-mail in the user list.

Edit user-rights in scoopa.
Edit user-rights in scoopa

There are 5 different rights that can be assigned:

  • read (the user can view the folder and its contents as well as watch previews)

  • high-res (the user can download the high-res/original version of the file)

  • low-res (the user can download the low-res version)

  • manage (the user can manage the folder)

  • upload (the user can upload new files to this folder)

Click the respective right(s) buttons for a specific folder (or the buttons above the column to select all). Selecting a right will automatically applied to all the leafes in the folder tree below the selected folder.

You can collapse or expand the folder tree as needed by clicking the folder icon in front. This is especially useful for large folder trees.

Rights & Inheritance

You can read more about user and folder-rights as well as rights-inheritance here.

Upload your first file

The easiest way to upload a file to scoopa is using the web uploader. Go to the folder you want to upload to and select "Add File" and "Choose file(s)" to select one or more files on your computer.

You can use the original filename or provide a new one (not available for selecting multiple files). Furthermore you may check if a notification should be sent for this particular upload.

You can cancel, pause and resume your upload anytime.

scoopa web uploader.
scoopa web uploader

Available options:

  • Auto-Archive after first billing period. Read more about cost control here.

  • Direct-to-Archive for cost-effective upload direct to the archive-pricing tier. Learn more about Direct-to-Archive and our pricing tiers.

Alternative upload options

If you want to upload a lot of files or you want to automate uploads, you can use our Direct-Cloud-Ingest via Amazon S3. Read more about this here.

Choosing the right subscription

There are three subscription plans available in scoopa. For more information about the plans & prices visit the pricing page.

All plans in scoopa have the same feature set available. So no need to check those. The main difference lies in the number of platforms and the prices for storage and traffic as well as the included storage and traffic.

To choose the best plan for your needs, you should ask yourself a few key questions:

  1. How many platforms do you need?

    -> if more than one -> enterprise

  2. Can you calculate your traffic needs from past events?

    -> if you generate a lot of traffic, enterprise may be a better solution, because of less traffic cost compared to professional or basic (0,2€ / 0,25€ / 0,5€)

  3. Can you calculate your storage needs from past events?

    -> same as with traffic, storage is a lot cheaper in enterprise as in professional or basic (0.50€ / 1.00€ / 1.25€)

With these key numbers you should be able to estimate your yearly storage and traffic needs. That should help you choosing the best suited plan.

How about support?

Don't worry - scoopas world-class support is the same in all subscription plans. You profit from experts in tv-production as well as in cloud solutions and we are always there for you!