Frequently asked questions

Getting started

What is scoopa?

A File Transfer Solution especially for videos in broadcast quality (therefore Hi-Res).

scoopa is a fast, secure and easy way to make your large video files available to your business partners around the globe. In difference to FTP you can easily manage the access per file. Your content is always available for highspeed up- and downloads. The content is stored safely and you always have control about your content with reports on the actions of your users.

Why should I use scoopa?

Because scoopa saves money and a lot of time! Next to the fact that scoopa can save 90% of the transfer time (which can mean hours for let’s say a 60 minutes highlightsshow of a Sports Event which needs to be send from Europe to Asia). It saves time of your content managers, producers, editors and of course of your clients...

You can have your own event- or company URL for your platform and a custom branding. And it is good to know that your legacy is stored in three live backups at the same time.

Does the sender & receiver from content both need to have a scoopa-platform?

Only the sender needs to have a scoopa-platform. In this case, let’s assume that’s you. So you would open up a scoopa platform under "" (for example). Then you invite your customers and employees to this platform by mail. Alternatively you can also send direct-links to the assets you want to share simply by mail (so not always a need for the user to register or sign-in). It's that easy. For scoopa the receiving side never needs any hardware or software. This is one of the advantages in comparison to other file-sharing and file-transfer solutions.

How can content be made accessible to me through a scoopa environment?

The person who wants to share his content with an individual network of e.g. employees, service providers, customers or partners is a so-called "owner" and therefore an owner of a scoopa-platform who has to create it and his respective network of users (with different roles). In order to grant me access to content via scoopa, an owner must add me to his network and provide me with certain rights within the scope of my role inside the platform. As soon as the owner (or an administrator of the platform) has added me, I will receive an e-mail confirming my participation and thus becoming part of a scoopa network.