Frequently asked questions


Simple question: ROI of scoopa?

No servers, no installations, no harddrives, no redundant power supplies, no aircondition, no IT-service, no Backups, no Software Updates, no couriers for harddrives and never again: „I do not find the master from XY...“

It depends of what you share and how you sent broadcast video files in the past. If it was satellite or you sent harddrives with courier around the world (of course with expensive insurance and VIP treatment) scoopa will be much cheaper.

Do the math and check the invoices for all the related big & small costs e.g.: Servers, Serverrooms, IT-staff, Harddrives, hours and hours with searching for files (time is money...), preparing them in the Edit, uploading them, re-upload them...

By the way: we see another interesting dimension for ROI: happy editors and producers! They can check the content everytime and everywhere on their smartphone, tablet or notebook. No need to come to the postproduction to see the files...

Can I change my price plan during the term?

Upgrades are always possible. Downgrading is not possible during the term but can of course be agreed for a subsequent contract period.

How big is the storage in my price plan?

With the booked priceplan you pay a flat-fee for storage (Uploads) and traffic (Downloads). For further details please check our price plans).

But in the basic configuration your platform isn’t blocking your command if you need more storage or your users take more outgoing traffic. It will be charged in the next month on a pay-per-use basis.

If you want to prevent this, the Owner of a platform can set a tick in the box at "Prevent Uploads when Storage Limit is reached" under "Settings" > "Cost Control".

Do you charge extra for the encoding of the Preview Videos?

No we don´t. The h.264-file is part of the package of our services and will not be charged extra.

Why is there a difference in monthly payment vs. 12-month prepayment?

We hate office work, bookkeeping and waiting for money we spent already and therefore honor prepayments from our customers.

What happens to my data if I stop the contract?

You will have time until the end of the term to download your content. After 7-days of the end of the contract we normally will delete your content.

What are the relevant payment details in english?

Not all information on the invoice given in german are necessarily trivial for someone who does not speak our language...

Just in case, here are the relevant informations:

company: best boys media lab GmbH & Co. KG

street: Johannesplatz 5a

city: Goldbach

postcode: 63773

country: Germany

bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn

account-nr. (International Bank Account Number or IBAN): DE25 3705 0198 1933 2363 49

BIC (Bank Identifier Code as worldwide unique identification of credit institutions, also known as SWIFT-Code): COLSDE33

Please remember to always include the invoice number in the subject line of your bank transfer - thank you!