Frequently asked questions

Trust & Privacy

Where is my content stored?

Your content is savely stored first and foremost in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Datacenter in Frankfurt/ Germany. In addition, each content is stored multiple redundantly as backup in other AWS data centers.

Upon request of your files (or upload) we make sure that your data is tunneled as far as possible through private AWS Infrastructure to the AWS Edge-Location nearest to the requester/uploader. By the way, all Data-Transfers are handeled secure with SSL-Encryption.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

It is our aim to keep your data safe and secure. Here you can find our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Where is my personal data about my contract and the users stored?

We are using exclusively the Cloud Service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). We host your database exclusivly in the Frankfurt/Germany Region of AWS.