Cost control

scoopa offers multiple ways to control your costs. Part of cost-control are little built-in helpers like auto-archive and cost-control - others require you to manually keep track of your usage.

Understanding the file lifecycle

Files in scoopa are usually first stored in the "live/online" pricing tier and later on transition into the archive-tier or are deleted. A notable exception is the direct-to-archive feature. You can read more about this here and here.

As mentioned in the articles above, new files can transition or be deleted earliest after 7 days. That means, if you optmize your usage you can re-use your included storage-peak up to 4 times per month.

This is, of course, only feasible if your assets are only relevant for the first 7 days.

Saving costs

You can read more about making the most of your scoopa account here.

Cost-Limits & Notifications

You can find the relevant settings under "Settings" -> "Cost Control".

We will cover the settings higlighted in red.


You can enter a storage-limit in GB. If this limit is reached the contact on-file will be notified. The contact can be entered in this very mask (recipient e-mail + name). You can also choose to activate/deactivate the alert.

Hard Limit

You can also enforce an upload stop when the storage-limit has been reached by activating the checkbox "prevent uploads..."

You can also prevent any traffic-costs for downloads by checking "prevent downloads". This, of course, will limit the usability of your platform.


Auto-Archive can be a powerful feature to save money as it can enforce that an asset will only be billed once in the live/online price-tier and transitioned to archive automatically after that.

Auto-Archive can be activated on a per-file basis during the upload of a new file:


In this dialogue you can choose if the uploaded asset should skip the live storage and go right into the archive-tier. Read more about Direct-to-Archive.

You can also choose to activate Auto-Archive on a global level in the settings. Either as the new default during upload (this can be overriden by the uploader), or by enforcing the setting (cannot be changed by the uploader).

Global Auto-Archive-Settings.
Global Auto-Archive-Settings
Upload dialogue with enforced auto-archive.
Upload dialogue with enforced auto-archive