Complete your setup

We try to establish reasonable defaults wherever possible. But we recommend to make yourself familiar with the platform settings and change them according to your needs if necessary.

Platform settings

During setup of your new platform, you should have already provided general contact details as well as a platform name and a link to your imprint. There are a few other settings you can utilize:

  • Contact phone number (so your users can reach you by phone)

  • Link to your terms as well as a link to your privacy policy

  • A custom link that will appear next to your imprint link on every page

  • You can choose between having a light or a dark theme with the selectbox Platform Appearance

  • Default folder listing mode can be set. Either grid view or list view. Please note that users may override this setting as they please.

Footer links inside the platform.
Footer links inside the platform
Contact-info in the user-menu.
Contact-info in the user-menu

In order to enable usecases where consistency of filenames in origin and in the logs is important, we added an option to disable "save" filenames and use the original un-altered filenames throughout the platform.

You can enable this by unchecking the Slugify Download-Filenames checkbox.


Please be advised that disabeling this will decrease the compatibility with third party systems as those are, in some cases, not able to handle special characters in filenames.

Also note that this setting has no consequence for file delivery to FTP-Servers.

E-Mail settings

scoopa sends out a lot of e-mails on your behalf which you can customize to your needs under Settings -> E-Mail. The following mail templates can be customized:

  • Welcome User - the onboarding mail for new users

  • New File - when a new file is available

  • New Folder - when a new folder is available

  • New Folders - when multiple new folders are available

  • Forgot Password - when the user starts the "forgot password" process

  • Resend Password - if you send the user a request to set a new password

Setting e-mail texts.
Setting e-mail texts
E-Mail preview.
E-Mail preview

You can also see the contact information you provided in the platform settings in the e-mail previews.

Default texts

In "Settings" -> "Texts" you can provide default text values for the copyright and description fields of folders and files. These can be overriden in every folder as needed. Please note that the copyright and descrpition field are inheritat down the folder tree, including the file.

Description & Copyright texts in the folder view.
Description & Copyright texts in the folder view

You can also set a text for download-confirmation. If provided, each download will be preceeded with a popup asking for confirmation of said text. This is usefull for ensuring information about proper rights and limitations.

Setting the Download-Confirmation.
Setting the Download-Confirmation
Popup when trying to download.
Popup when trying to download