Frequently asked questions


Is there a quick way to tell which files have been archived and which are live?

There are two ways to get a quick overview on your assets state.

First you can click the little calculator-icon in every folder-listing. Either for a single folder, or for all the folders by selecting the icon in the table-header.

Folder-listing. Icon for showing state and size is highlighted.
Folder-listing. Icon for showing state and size is highlighted

The second option would be to perform a search for files with the status "live" or "archived"

scoopa search, showing how to search for asset state.
scoopa search, showing how to search for asset state

What are watchfolders?

A watchfolder is a folder that is actively monitoring its content.

In scoopa, every folder is considered a watchfolder because each folder is aware of new incoming files and "acts" accordingly to the settings you made in preparation of incoming content.

Once the content arrives by upload - scoopa sends a mail automatically. Hence all associated Users will be informed and can download immediately.

Why is a deleted file still stored for another 7 days in the Trash?

First of all it’s an extra layer of data security if someone deletes a file by mistake. (It happens sometimes - we've all been there...). During that time the file can be restored without problems.

Second, this also takes our competitive mixed cost calculation into account. With the 7-days rule you can not use 1 GB more than 4 times within a month.

In any case there are no costs for a file that once has been moved into the trash can and it will be automatically deleted after 7 days.

More information

You can read up on the topic on our docs article "How are files counted against my included storage"