Latest Release-Notes
Release Notes v2.6.2 (22.03.2017)
  • Fix: Bugfix in Uploading Assets to pre-created Files
  • Fix: Uploading a previously trashed partial-uploaded File resulted in a non-visible File
  • Fix: Improved Loading Times of Platform-Pages by 50%
  • New: Direct Links to Support & Docs inside Platforms
  • New: FAQ and more Guides in Docs-Section
  • New: Video-Space Calculator in Docs-Section
  • New Feature: Inside Folder View you can now "select all" Users to quickly add all Users.
  • New Feature: scoopa has now a status-page where you can monitor the system status (
  • New Feature: Password-Forgot-Link to Self-Registration-Feature
  • New Feature: Add BCC for Admin upon Self-Registration-E-Mail
  • New Feature: Whitelabel
  • New Feature: Indicator if User has set his password (In List and Edit-Mode)
  • New Feature: DMCA-Notice-Form (to be found in Imprint)
  • New Feature: Notifications are now sent when a user is added to one or multiple folders (if the folders have files)
  • New Feature: Non-Supported Browsers are notified about incompatibilities
  • New Feature: Support-Chat on Landingpage available

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