A User of my platform lost his password!

Easy. Relax.

Go to "Edit User" and press the button "send new password". The Link sent to the user is valid for 24h.


Alternative: your user clicks "password forgot" on the login page of your platform.

I can not login to my platform!

We can neither! (No. Seriously. We can't. As long as you don't give us an invite.)

Wait - you suspect a bug. Nothing works? No login at all?

To be honest in 97% of the cases this is a failure from the person in front of the computer...
Check if you have spaces before or after your Email-adress and password. Check exact spelling. Did you use your last updated password? Did you update the new password in your password-store?

if nothing helps - get in touch. we can help you out.
Mail: contact@scoopa.com
Phone: +49 (0) 221.337 4471

I do not receive Email-Notifications!

In rare cases the receiving email server of your user marks our email as spam. Sometimes the email appears in the spam folder. Sometimes they are rejected and not shown. This lies within the responsibility of the email hoster and your adress-quality.

To make sure your adress-quality remains high and your mails don't get blacklisted make sure to process your bounces (if an email-adress is not existant - you will often receive a bounce email to your contact-email explaining what went wrong)

So - too keep your SPAM-Rate low and also guarantee successful delivery to your other customers - we strongly advise to
keep your address-quality up. (Otherwise Mailservers will Blacklist you)

Upload window opens, but I cannot select file to upload

Please check which browser you are working with.
Problems might occur with Internet Explorer.
The following browsers are supported with their most recent version:
* Google Chrome
* Mozilla Firefox
* Safari
* Microsoft Edge
* Mobile Safari (iOS)
* Mobile Chrome (Android)