How many users can i register to my platform?

Enough. :-) (as much as you want)
We do not penalty our clients for success. Our price refers to storage and traffic as this is the relation to our costs to company.

Which files are compatible with scoopa?

All files. Next to all known video codecs (even 4K or 8K) you can upload pictures in any format, word, excel, pdf...

We had our bad experiences with FTP-servers in the past. What if a lot of users want to download very large files at the same time?

scoopa is not a FTP nor is it a single (unsafe) server in a serverroom in the basement of our company.
The datacenters we work with are the most powerful in the world and have enough internet-bandwith to answer every request still in highspeed. Also the servers inside the datacenters will not be the bottleneck for highspeed transfers. They scale in performance with the demand of up- and downloads.

What is a „Watchfolder“?

Watchfolder means the Folder is active „watching“ for „his“ content. If you create a folder and prepare it with the rights management for Users „who should receive the content and the Email-Notification if the content is ready“. Once the content arrives by upload - scoopa send this Email automatically. All associated Users will be informed and can download immediatly.

Instead of file deliveries - for me it is more important to collect huge numbers of high-res video!

Fine for scoopa. Tick the box for „Mailbox“ next to the User during registration and the User can upload content at any time to his Mailbox. In this workflow scoopa reacts vice versa and send Email Notifications to the Administrator that a User uploaded files.
See also the Guide Upload to Mailbox.

For which video codecs is a Preview being created?

scoopa creates a video preview which runs in the browser and on mobile-devices for uploads with the following extensions:

- mxf
- mov
- avi
- mpg / mpeg
- mp4 / h264 / m4v
- wmv

You can play audio-files in the preview if they are one of the following: wav, mp3, ac3, m4a, ogg.
The following Image-formats are show directly in the preview: jpg, png, bmp, tga, tiff

If you feel that a format is missing or you need something special - please get in contact:

Why is a deleted file still stored for another 7 days in the Trash?

First of all it’s an extra layer of data security if someone deletes a file by mistake.
(It happens - we've all been there...)

Second, this also takes our competitive mixed cost calculation into account.
With the 7-days rule you can not use 1 GB more than 4 times within a month.

Is it possible to download more than one file at a time?


But this required a litte effort on your side. Users are free to make use of popular "Download-Managers" available for most current browsers.
There is also a quick-download-link in the folder overview to help you fill up your download-queue.

What are the system requirements for scoopa?

scoopa is a web-based application that works in most web browsers.
This means you don’t need to download or install any new software on your computer.
( not even flash! )

To make sure that scoopa works properly in your browser, you should enable cookies and javascript.
Also make sure that your browser and operating-system are up-to-date.

Which webbrowser are supported?

Compatibel browsers:
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Safari
- Microsoft Edge
(Internet Explorer is not supported at the moment)

Compatible mobile browser:
iOS: Safari
Android: Chrome

Make sure you use the most recent stable release of your browser!

Can i use scoopa on my mobile?

Yes. Scoopa is fully responsive and you can manage Users Folders and Files as well as watch Previews while using iOS or Android devices.
Hell - even uploading a file on your smartphone is possible!
So everyone with a camera-equiped-smartphone can upload videos with a few clicks.

How do i send Email-Notifications?

scoopa does this automatically. If you checked the box next to a user before uploading content into a folder - scoopa will send the Email.

Can i rename a Folder or a File?

Yes. Go to "Edit Folder" or "Edit File" and rename the item.

We have different naming rules on our local servers. Can i choose another name for the content/file on scoopa only?

Yes. During the upload process you are asked in the pop-up window if you want to go with the name of the original or if you want to give another name. (obviously - only works if you upload a single file...)

How many Folders and Files can be created?


What happens if i upload more GB than included in the flatrate?

You can upload as many GB as you wish. If you use more, we charge you the additional GB in the next month on pay-per-use policy. For pricing refer to our plans.

Where can i change the link for imprint?

Go to Settings/Event. Here you can update all data related to your platform.

I deleted content by mistake. Please! Help!

You are welcome! Go to Trash and restore. This is possible during 7-days after deleting the content.

My user has an new Email-Adress. How can i change the data?

Go to "Edit User". Here you can change all data or add e.g. Notes. You can also change the "Role" or add permission for a Mailbox.

Why is there a Mailbox? I can make a User a "Uploader" already.

There is often the need for users to be able to upload content "in general".
To make that possible even without knowing where to sort the new content beforehand - the mailbox feature was created.

Please see also the guide Upload to Mailbox

Can i download multiple files at once

Yes you can!

We introduced a new Multi-Download-Feature which streams your requested files to a uncompressed ZIP-archive.
Please be aware that this feature is currently considered "beta".

Known Issues:
The resulting zips cannot be opened with the native OSX-Extractor. Mac user should use an alternative unzipper like "The Unarchiver"
-> Show in the App-Store